JO of Paris 2024: Chinese giant Alibaba will not deal with sensitive data

The French company Atos will host sensitive information, including that of public authorities and police officers, on behalf of its partner.

Le Monde with AFP

Confidence has limits. After months of discussion, the French State and the organizers of the Olympic Games (OJ) of Paris have chosen to entrust the company ATOS the management of sensitive games of the games, learned the agency France-Presse (AFP) of sources concordant. At first, these data were to be hosted by the Chinese online commerce giant, Alibaba, official sponsor of the International Olympic Committee (CIO). It is ultimately Atos who will take care of it on behalf of his partner, he retains direct management of other data.

The fairly complex file has been the subject of meetings for almost a year at the highest peak of the State, in particular with the national authority in terms of security and defense of information systems ( ANSSI). It was planned that Alibaba, as an IOC sponsor, houses in his cloud in particular the file of accredited people for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024.

“Risks of exfiltration”

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