To UN Security Council, Russia alone against all

Chinese and Indian representatives took their distance from Moscow bids during the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations. Western leaders have continued their denunciation of the attack on the Russian forces in Ukraine.


Sergei Lavrov remained in the room only time to pronounce a virulent diatriber against “the Nazi totalitarian state”, which, according to him, would be in place in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs found himself isolated like never before, Thursday, September 22, in New York, at a meeting of the Security Council, which will remain like the highlight of the 77 e General Assembly of the United Nations, China and India pleading to put an end to hostilities, two days after the “partial” mobilization decreed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

In principle, the session was to be devoted to “the fight against impunity” of the crimes of which the Russian forces engaged in Ukraine are accused. A painful subject, a week after the discovery of a common pit and the new atrocities committed against civilians in the city of Izioum, just freed from the Russian ferrule. “There is no peace without justice,” said the French Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, who presided over the debates. As Vladimir Putin plays climbing in the hope of regaining hands in the face of the successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the meeting highlighted the growing isolation of the chief of the Kremlin.

“Any annexation of territories belonging to a State by another State resulting from the threat or the use of force constitutes a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and of international law”, first recalled Antonio Guterres , the Secretary General of the United Nations, while four occupied Ukrainian regions are preparing to vote, in the coming days, on their attachment to Russia. For him, the threats of nuclear conflict uttered by Vladimir Putin on Tuesday are also “absolutely unacceptable”.

sending French investigators and doctors to Izioum

The members of the Security Council then took advantage of the moment to say their four truths to the emissary of the Russian president, even if Sergei Lavrov was absent when his counterparts spoke. “That President Putin has chosen this week, while most of the leaders of this world meet in the UN, to pour oil on the fire he lit demonstrates his total contempt for the Charter of the Nations “Launched Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State. “If Russia stops fighting, war ceases. If Ukraine stops fighting, it is the end of Ukraine,” he said, assuring that the United States would continue to support kyiv , despite the threats of the head of the Kremlin. “The more Russia knows reverse, the more it multiplies aggressions against civilians, observed Mr. Blinken. We cannot let Putin get out of it like that.”

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