Release of Ubuntudde 22.04 distribution with Deepin’s desktop

published release of the distribution Ubuntudde 22.04 (Remix), based on the code base Ubuntu 22.04 and supplied with the DDE graphic environment (Deepin Desktop Environment). The project is an unofficial version of Ubuntu, but the developers are attempted to achieve Ubuntudde to include Ubuntu official editions. Size ISO-image 3 Gb. : // “> deepin and a set of specialized applications , developed The Deepin Linux project, including the DEEPIN File Manager file manager, DMUSIC Musical Locker, DMOVIE video player and DTALK messages. Of the differences from Deepin Linux, it is noted to process the design and delivery instead of the DEEPIN application catalog application Ubuntu Software Center with SNAP and DeB support support. As a window manager, Kwin is used, developed by the KDE project.

The changes in the new version notes the transition to the Ubuntu 22.04 package base with Linux 5.15, the Deepin Desktop Environment desktop and related packages, update Libreoffice, inclusion in the DDE Store and DDE Grand SEARCH applications (activated by “shift + gap”), a new style design of the Calamares installer.

Recall that the components of the desktop desktop are developed using C/C ++ (QT5) and GO languages. The key feature is the panel that supports several operating modes. In the classic mode, a more obvious separation of open windows and applications offered to launch applications is carried out, the area of ​​the system tray is displayed. The effective mode is somewhat reminiscent of Unity by mixing indicators of advanced programs, selected applications and control applets (volume/brightness setting, connected drives, watches, network condition, etc.). The program launch interface is displayed on the full screen and provides two modes – viewing selected applications and navigation for the catalog of installed programs.

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