Emmanuel Macron is betting on pension reform to reconnect with his reforming ambition

The Head of State and the Prime Minister, who meet on Friday, must decide the method to carry out the reform, while the majority is largely divided.


Emmanuel Macron closely monitors the landing of the first large possible reform of his second term, that of pensions. And, with each intervention, he tries to clean a slightly more track of the reluctance of his own majority. In the open sky, back from the United Nations General Assembly, in New York, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the President of the Republic insisted on the “necessity” of his project. “And the truth is that we have to work more and produce more wealth in our country if we want to protect (…) and defend the French social model,” he said in an interview with BFM-TV . Without advancing on the method that is debated, the Head of State has submitted this burning file on the shoulders of his Prime Minister and his government, responsible for determining “how it must walk” in the way ” as peaceful as possible “.

Friday noon, Mr. Macron must have lunch with Elisabeth Borne to evoke, among other things, this subject. If no information filters at the time of arbitration, they could decide quickly, to end the tightness in their camp. All of his desire to see the reform implemented in the summer of 2023, the executive can integrate it, by an amendment, into the social security financing bill, presented Monday, September 26 in the Council of Ministers, or Make it a separate text examined at the beginning of 2023.

The first hypothesis, mentioned by Mr. Macron, Monday, September 12, continues to cause turbulence in the high spheres. After the refusal of François Bayrou, followed by the deputies of the modem, to endorse this “passage in force”, the president of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, repeated, Thursday, September 22, that she was there “Not favorable”, asking the government to “take the time of consultation”. In Off, ministers, mostly kept away from discussions, are not favorable to this eagerness, fearing that this will alter the social climate.

“We must hear the arguments of both “

The Elysée, who claims to have never favored any track, now refers to Matignon. Thursday, September 22, during his visit to the parliamentary days of the Modem in Guidel (Morbihan), the Prime Minister rarely mentioned this file but left all the doors open: “We must hear the arguments of each other. (…) And, if necessary, modify, amend. “

Even if Matignon is requested to go on the front line and to carry responsibility, the desire to accelerate the calendar comes from the Elysée. For several weeks, relatives of Emmanuel Macron indicated that he was going to regain control, in particular thanks to the pension reform. Objective: Dissensable this beginning of the five-year period where the President of the Republic finds himself hampered by his relative majority.

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