Mehdi Kerkouche, a hyperactive at head of national choreographic center of Créteil

The choreographer who built his trajectory on television, cinema and on the sets of musicals succeeds Mourad Merzouki, January 1, 2023.


The dancer and choreographer Mehdi Kerkouche will he continue to call everyone “kitten” when he takes his duties as director of the National Choreographic Center (CCN) in Créteil, the 1 er January 2023? He says, laughing, yes. It is easily believed as its frank and direct tone is naturally warm.

Let him meet in 2020 in the corridors of the Palais Garnier, in Paris, where he created the show and if, for the ballet of the Paris National Opera, or in the Grand Foyer de Chaillot, in 2022 , where he was driving for the first time in public the third edition of his digital festival we dance at home !, Mehdi Kerkouche, 36, remains the same: smiling, thoroughly. While the choreographer, who built his trajectory on television, cinema and on the sets of musicals, repeats his third play, Portrait, which will open the Suresnes Cités Danse festival, January 6, 2023, he overflows with enthusiasm The idea of ​​directing a CCN.

“I founded my Emka troop recently, in 2017, but it’s been twenty years since I dance and answer orders, he specifies. It’s the right time to set up in a place and Change my work without running after rehearsal studios. “He warns, in stride:” I have always been a hyperactive and we will not lock me either. I will continue to respond to parallel projects. Stay free , shine the company on all fronts enriches my experience. “

a” non-border “project

Mehdi Kerkouche was appointed by Rima Abdul-Malak, the Minister of Culture, in agreement with Olivier Capitanio, president of the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council, Laurent Cathala, socialist mayor of Créteil, and Patrick Penot, president From the national choreographic center, to succeed Mourad Merzouki at the head of the CCN de Créteil. His project, entitled to create, bring together, share, is based on the widest possible opening to all styles and genres. “He is non-border,” he said. He wants to support young artists with precision and determination in their creative approach, their structuring and their dissemination.

“I know the word” galley “and I know what it is to look for supports when you start, he says. I have token at the doors of many institutions and, when we do not speak The same language can be complicated. I speak like them and it should help them. “In this momentum, he will open a digital studio to produce homemade videos. “It is a tool that has become a major to develop your work,” he says. Not without reason. He made himself known thanks to the enormous success of his videos during the first confinement in March and April 2020. His daily lessons “since [s] ES 30 square meters in Paris”, then the first edition of #ondansechez, on Instagram, which had collected 15,000 euros for the Hospitals de Paris Foundation, had been praised by a phone call from Brigitte Macron, then Aurélie Dupont, then Director of Dance at the Paris National Opera.

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