Cycling: two new world champion titles for… Jeannie Longo

In relative confidentiality, the French legend has imposed itself on the time trial and the online race of 60-64 year olds, at the Gran Fondo Worlds, official competition reserved for amateurs.


Sunday, September 18, on a protocol podium, a French cyclist sounded the Marseillaise, rainbow tunic of world champion on his shoulders. Her name ? Jeannie Longo. We are not in Wollongong, seaside resort in south-eastern Australia which welcomes the world’s cycling worlds until September 25, but in thirty, in Italy.

The Transalpine City organized, far from the spotlights on the Australian Worlds, the world championships Gran Fondo, competition of the international cycling union reserved for lovers of all ages. The opportunity for the tricolor legend to come and enrich a little more awards which we even come to wonder if she can keep the account.

ten coronations since 2015

In Italy, Jeannie Longo did not add one but two world crowns to her collection: those of the time trial and that of online race in the 60-64 year old category. Ten coronations in total since its first participation in the event, in 2015. An absolute record.

In France, female road cycling and Jeannie Longo ended up becoming a pleonasm. Its results – thirty -one titles of champion of France, nine of the world champion among the elites, gold in the online race of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta (United States), to which are added others track titles – as well as its longevity contributed to it.

French female cycling has now started its professionalization and runners like Juliette Labous and Evita Muzic embody the next generation. In the meantime, at the dawn of her 64th birthday (she will celebrate them on October 31), Jeannie Longo Pédale always … and remains insatiable.

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