Suspicion of magnitude touching French streaming platform Wakanim

An anonymous pirate has put a database at the end of August, promising access to personal data of 6.7 million users of the site specializing in anime online distribution.


A database, presented as containing the personal information of all Wakanim users, a French anime streaming platform, was put up for sale at the end of August on a site specialized in The resale of hacked data. The anonymous seller claimed to have hacked and hold personal data of 6.7 million users of the platform, including their email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses and various technical information on their accounts, but not their information payment or their passwords. Very popular with adolescents and young adults, Wakanim has never communicated its number of users.

Contacted by Le Monde, the company explains that the file is “under investigation”, and claims not to be able to discuss the subject for legal reasons. The National IT and Liberties Commission (CNIL), the gendarme of privacy in France, explains for its part having “received a notification of data violation on the subject”, the formulation usually used when a company thinks to have been the victim of ‘A data theft and contacts the Commission. This notification is “under investigation” with the services of the CNIL.

In the event of a proven data flight posing a “high risk” For users, French law, such as European regulations, require the companies concerned to warn the users or customers concerned.

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Friday, September 2, the announcement offering the database has been updated, the seller claiming to have found a client, at the displayed but “negotiable” price of around 4,000 euros, to be paid in cryptocurrencies. Three days later, on September 5, a user recorded a website usurping the address of the official Wakanim website; 6, according to

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