Energy economies in France: Terra Nova report to “go five times faster”

As the start of the school year, and taking into account the emergency, the Circle of Reflection Terra Nova suggests going far beyond eco -gestes, by establishing a collective sobriety based on exemplarity and on pedagogy .


no longer enlighten monuments at night at certain periods, include an energy point in the weather bulletin … Approaching winter, which promises to be high risk both in terms of electricity cuts and on That of “social cohesion”, the terra nova reflection cabinet, Think Tank social-democrat, invites, in a note published this Tuesday, August 23 , to mobilize to stimulate collective sobriety. “To go today five times faster than what we have done in the past, the only energy savings immediately accessible and profitable and the small gestures will be good to take, but will not be enough to fulfill the objective that s The government is set, namely 10 % savings within two years, “notes Nicolas Goldberg, energy manager at Terra Nova.

Given the time given, too short, the first track, which may seem obvious, but which would constitute the “most important and fastest deposit of savings” – “of the order of Térawat Hours” -, resides In the pure and simple application of the measures already inscribed in the law and which, for the time being, are not respected. If heating on the terrace has been prohibited since March 2022, and that the law provides for a fine of 1,500 euros in the event of recurrence, no verbalization, has, for example, to date, been noted, recalls the note.

night lighting

There is also regulations imposing temperature limits for heating (19 ° C maximum) and air conditioning (26 ° C) in premises for offices or receiving the public. On this subject, it would be necessary to “provide a system for monitoring communities and administrations so that they apply and control the application of these legal provisions and verbalize the non-compliance with standards”, continues the author, who proposes to launch A awareness campaign with technical managers (GTB), individuals and condominiums.

To embark as many people as possible, these energy experts consider essential that the State is showing exemplarity by attacking superfluous consumption. “Ask our fellow citizens to pay attention to their consumption by extinguishing Wi-Fi or by moderating their heating remains contradictory with the maintenance of large lights or advertising screens,” he insists, while these questions of sharing s ‘Illustrate at the moment by the debate on private jets.

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