Facebook and Instagram delete accounts of a powerful American anti-vaccine organization

The Children’s Health Defense, led by Robert Kennedy Jr, nephew of the former American president, is accused of having in numerous occasions the rules of these social networks.

Le Monde with AFP

Facebook and Instagram parent company, Meta, deleted from these two platforms the accounts of the influential American anti-vaccins organization Children’s Health Defense (CDH), led by Robert Kennedy Jr, nephew of former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“We have deleted the Instagram and Facebook accounts in question for repeated violations of our policies on the COVID-19,” said aaron Simpson, a spokesperson for Meta.


CDH, which criticizes the security of the vaccine against the COVID-19, accuses META of not respecting his right to freedom of expression, by aligning himself on the American health authorities.

“Facebook acts here as a representative of the crusade of the federal government to silence any criticism of the draconian policies of the government,” said the founder of the organization, Robert Kennedy Jr, in a statement.

A stop at the anti-vaccine galaxy

nephew of the former president murdered in 1963 and son of a former minister, also murdered in 1968, he is a major figure in the American anti-vaccine galaxy.

CDH claims “hundreds of thousands” of subscribers on these two accounts and shared, in its press release, screenshots showing the deletion of these accounts for “disinformation”.

According to CDH, the prohibition could be linked to an action brought by the organization against Meta, for censorship, before the federal justice. The CDH Youtube channel was deleted last September.

Meta, who is regularly criticized for propagating disinformation, has been trying since the last American presidential election to move away from political content to focus on exchanges between relatives and communities of interest.

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