United States demanded extradition of “Narco des Narcos”, arrested in Mexico

The drug baron Rafael Caro Quintero, founder of the Sinaloa cartel, was apprehended by the police, Friday, in the northwest of the country.


His head was priced twenty million dollars by Washington, a record. Rafael Caro Quintero was arrested on Friday July 15, in northwestern Mexico. The American authorities are demanding its immediate extradition. The 69 -year -old drug baron, nicknamed the “Narco des Narcos”, founded the first great Mexican cartel in the late 1970s, which has since become that of Sinaloa, one of the most important in the world. His long mafia career merges with the boom of narcotrafic in Mexico and the security tensions he caused with the powerful American neighbor.

On the images of his arrest, Mr. Caro Quintero is surrounded by three members of the Special Forces of the Mexican Navy who led the operation. The detainee has short, emerging from a grove, near the steep village of San Simon, in the depths of the state of Sinaloa (north-west), a fief of the cartel of the same name. His blue shirt is soaked with sweat. He does not wear handcuffs. But a hooded soldier watches him, a fist weapon. Another a bottle of water hands him. The video has been looping since Friday, on television channels and social networks. Since then, the detainee has been reclaimed in the high security prison of El Altiplano, near Mexico City (Center), pending the decision of a judge on his possible extradition to the United States.

A Washington requirement which welcomed the arrest of the criminal on the run for nine years. “There is no place to hide for those who (…) assassinate representatives of the American police,” said the United States Ministry of Justice. The press release refers to the murder, in February 1985, of Enrique Camarena, member of the US Anti -Drogue Agency (DEA). At the time, the infiltrated federal agent had been removed, then tortured for weeks before being buried alive.

Accused of having commanded this barbaric assassination, Mr. Caro Quintero had then fled to Costa Rica, where he was arrested two months later. Sentenced to forty years in prison in Mexico, the detainee had served twenty-eight when he was released on August 9, 2013, for procedural defect. Since then, Washington’s bane had resumed its mafia activities in the mountains of Sinaloa, its native state, like many other great Mexican barons. At the head, the famous drug trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, sentenced to life in 2019 in the United States, who was the lieutenant of M. Caro Quintero.

The “Narco des Narcos” was born in October 1952, in the village of Noria, near Culiacan, capital of a region known to be the cradle of Mexican narcotrafic. It was at 14 that Mr. Caro Quintero began his mafia legend. Coming from a poor family of ten children, the young wolf created, in the late 1970s, the Guadalajara cartel, alongside Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. The talents of botanist by Mr. Caro Quintero will make the glory of his mafia organization. Considered at the time as the largest marijuana producer in the world, the criminal revolutionized this traffic by inventing seedless cannabis plants, more powerful than pollinated cannabis and easier to transport, a product that has become very popular with consumers Americans.

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