Doglinux assembly update to check equipment

prepared updating the specialized assemblies distribution doglinux (debian livecd in style Puppy Linux), built on the package base of Debian 11 “Bullseye” and designed for testing and maintaining a PC and laptops. The composition includes applications such as GPUTEST, UNIGINE Heaven, CPU-X, GSMARTCONTROL, GPARTED, PARTIMAGE, PARTCLONE, TESTDISK, DDRESCE, WhDD, DMDE. The distribution allows you to check the operation of the equipment, load the processor and the video card, check the Smart HDD and NVME SSD. Size live-image , loaded from USB drives, 1.14 GB (torrent ).

In the new version:

  • The packages of the base system are updated to the release of Debian 11.4. The MAN-DB package has been added and the English-speaking MAN pages were saved (in previous assemblies, all the MANs were cut out).
  • The assembly for the architecture of AMD64 added libraries for launching 32-bit applications.
  • Fixed scripts for creating the APT2SFS, APT2SFS-FullinST and REMASTERCOW modules. They no longer delete all MAN files, instead the call is added from the/usr/local/lib/clanup file, which can be supplemented.
  • DD_RESCUE, LUVCVIEW and WhDD are rebuilt surrounded by Debian 11.
  • Updated Chromium 103.0.5060.53, CPU-X 4.3.1, DMDE and HDDSUPERCLONE 2.3.3.
  • included in the alternative installation script instaddog2win (adds debiandog to Windows, installed in the EFI mode ).

Assembly features:

  • Loading in UEFI and Legacy/CSM mode is supported. Including over the network via PXE with NFS. From USB/SATA/NVME devices, from FAT32/Exfat/Ext2/3/4/NTFS file systems. UEFI Secure Boot is not supported, it needs to be disconnected.
  • For new equipment, the HWE loading option is provided (Live/HWE includes fresh Linux, Libdrm and Mesa core).
  • For compatibility with old equipment, the composition has Live32 i686 version with a core without Pae.
  • The distribution size is optimized for use in Copy2ram mode (makes it possible to remove the USB-drive/network cable after loading). At the same time, only those SquashFS modules that are used are copied to RAM.
  • Contains three versions of Proprietary drivers NVIDIA – 470.X, 390.X and 340.X. The driver module is determined by automatically .
  • . .

  • When starting the GPUTEST and UNIGINE HEAVEN, the configurations of laptops with hybrid video subsystems Intel+NVIDIA, Intel+AMD and AMD+NVIDIA are automatically determined and the necessary environment variables are set to launch on a discrete video card.
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