Jane Fonda: “The Supreme Court has become a far -right cesspool”

In an interview with the “world”, the American actress, a feminist figure engaged in the United States, castigates the “shocking” decision taken by the judges of the Court to cancel the ROE vs Wade judgment, which guaranteed the Right to abortion throughout the country.

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Actress Jane Fonda was one of the great figures of women’s struggle in the 1970s. With two other historic feminists, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan, she founded Women’s Media Center. We joined her in Rome, where she shoots the rest of the film Le Book Club, released in 2018, which tells the story of four women members of a reading club.

what is your reaction After the Supreme Court’s decision to question the federal law to abortion?

I’m sick. Really ? The United States really joined the group of backward countries which still have an almost medieval vision of the role of women? It’s more than shocking, it’s almost inconceivable. I hope that this decision will motivate women to vote in November [in the mid-term elections, two years after Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election] and galvanize the progressive movement. The Supreme Court has lost all credibility. She has become … a cesspool … an extreme right cesspool. Most of my friends are practically mourning. Some asked me if I thought I was staying in Italy. If I were young, I would think about it. But I don’t want to get back. I want to fight.

Some deplore that the feminist movement has focused on metoo and harassment instead of fighting to keep one of the main achievements of the second feminist wave of the 1960s and 1970s: the law To have his body …

I don’t think the feminist movement can be reduced to a hashtag. The advances in which he has resulted, the values ​​he embodies, are deeply rooted among the Americans, whatever their age. And that will not change. We are stronger, that is why men do not want us to decide to have or not a child. They want to keep control, they are afraid. When I say that, it seems to suppose that all men are in question; no way. It is the patriarchy that is involved. Men have always been aware of the strength of women. The evolution shows this: we are those which ensure the survival of the species. That adapt to change. We change permanently. When our husband changes your job, when the children leave the house …

Susan Faludi has just published a platform where she declares that feminism pays the price of the “Faustien market” that feminists have passed with the celebrity culture.

is to look at the problem with the little end of the Lorgnette. This is not the problem. The problem comes from neoliberalism, globalization.

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