Moselle: government plans to relaunch a coal -fired power plant in winter of 2022

This punctual restart does not question Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to close, by 2022, the latest coal -fired power plants, very emitting co₂.

Le Monde with AFP

The coal power plant in Saint-Avold (Moselle) could well restart in the winter of 2022, “as a precaution, taking into account the Ukrainian situation” and tensions on the energy market, confirmed, Sunday June 26, the Ministry of Energy Transition. “We are careful not to be able to operate the Saint-Avold plant for a few more hours if we need it,” said the ministry, confirming RTL information.

The decision is not a total surprise: the government had not excluded, when the power plant closed on March 31, to restart it punctually to secure the country’s supply of electricity. This restart “is part of the closing plan”, reiterated the ministry, which specifies that Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to close all of the coal -fired power plants in France “remains unchanged”. “We would remain, in all cases, below 1 % electricity produced by coal, ensures the ministry, and no Russian coal would be used.”

campaign promise

Therefore, “a decree will be put in consultation to organize this possibility of operation next winter”. It will include “environmental counterparties”, because this restart must be neutral for the environment, the operator engaging on “reforestation projects for example”, according to the ministry.

The government also plans to integrate “legislative adjustments”, during the summer, in the bill on purchasing power, so that the social plan concerning the power station is not canceled, ” which shows the resolution of the government to permanently close this coal power plant “.

During its closure, 87 employees still worked in the Emile-Huchet central. Half have been retiring since. To ensure the production, around 70 people are necessary, according to its director, Philippe Lenglart, who entrusted to the France-Presse agency, in March, to have the intention, if necessary, to recall former employees rather than Recruit this winter.

There is only one other coal-fired plant still open in France, in Cordemais, in Loire-Atlantique. Emmanuel Macron had promised to close, by 2022, these last coal power plants, easily mobilizable to produce electricity if necessary, but also very emitting of co 2 .

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