Marine Le Pen embarrassed by right to abortion in Constitution

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly plans to support the registration of the right to abortion in the Constitution, despite its past positions and a delegation of deputies including activists against abortion


A big pebble in his shoe. While Marine Le Pen wanted to stage, in the National Assembly, a “constructive opposition” to the executive and stand out at all costs of rebellious France, the revocation of federal law to abortion in the United States comes disturb his plans. Here it is a challenge to support the constitutional bill of Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group, which aims to register the right to abortion in the Constitution. The deputy of the presidential party targeted the deputies of the RN as “fierce opponents of women’s access to abortion”, believing that “unfortunately, nothing is impossible” and that this right could be “called into question” .

At the foot of the wall, Marine Le Pen therefore does not exclude voting this text emanating from LRM deputies, borrowed from the left and now supported by the government. “Why not,” replied the leader of the RN group in the world, Saturday, June 25. Before adding: “But this agitation does not seem justified to me. We are not the United States and no party plans to change our legislation.”

The initiative is also not a priority in the eyes of Jordan Bardella, acting president of the RN, who tries to minimize. “No serious political movement challenges the Veil law in France, acquired to protect,” he wrote on Saturday on Twitter, before judging that the government “instrumentalizes what is the matter of American internal policy to make diversion: where are his Emergency plans for purchasing power and against immigration? “

When Marine Le Pen targeted” comfort abortions “

In reality, the subject is deeply embarrassed at the national rally. He brought back his group president to her past positions, to her support repeatedly expressed to Donald Trump and the anti-EVG activism that reigns in his political family. In 2012, Marine Le Pen still defended the reimbursement of abortion by social security in order, she said, to dissuade alleged “comfort abortions”. His words had aroused strong convictions. This is “what will always separate us for a long time and for a long time”, had launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon during an electric debate in the program “words and acts”, on France 2. “The first equality, C is to be able to freely dispose of oneself and your body. “

Ten years later, Marine Le Pen no longer tackles the right to abortion. The traditionalist Catholic wing of the extreme right led by his niece Marion Maréchal was partly detached to join the nationalist polemicist Eric Zemmour. But on June 24, 2021, a year just before the decision of the American Supreme Court, the RN deputies led by Jordan Bardella in the European Parliament voted against a resolution urging the States of the Union to “guarantee universal access to a Sure and legal abortion “, either by decriminalizing abortion, or by fighting facts in legal abortion, to protect the health and rights of women. Three of these RN MEPs are now sitting in the National Assembly: Hélène Laporte, MP for Lot-et-Garonne; Julie Lechantux, deputy for Var; and Joëlle Melin, MP for Bouches-du-Rhône.

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