New version of mail server 4.96

took place the release of the mail server Exim 4.96 , which has accumulated corrections and added new opportunities. In accordance with the May an automated survey about 800 thousand mail servers, the share of Exim is 59.59% ( A year ago 59.15%), Postfix is ​​used by 33.64%(33.76%) mail servers, Sendmail – 3.55%(3.55%), Mailenable – 1.93%(2.02%), MDAEMON – 0.45%(0.56%), Microsoft Exchange – 0.23% (0.0 “”> change :

  • in ACL implemented The new condition “Seen”, which can be used to verify previously occurred events related to users and hosts. The new condition simplifies the work with Gray lists , for example, when creating a simple gray list to resolve the re -attempt to connect, you can use ACL” Seen = -5M / KEY = $ { Sender_host_address} _ $ [email protected]$ domain “.
  • added “Mask”, a variant of the operator “MASK”, manipulating normalized addresses of IPV6 (using the IPV6 and use of the same. packaging).
  • In the utility of exim_dumpdb and exim_fixdb stop ,” pretrigger” и “trigger “To control the conclusion to the debug.
  • Added screenwriting of special systems in the lookups, if the query line uses data obtained from the outside (“Tainted”). If the symbols are not shielded information about the problem so far only reflected in the log, but in future issues will lead to an error.
  • The option “Allow_insecure_tainted_data” has been deleted, which allowed to disable the output of errors with unsafe shielding of special systems in the data. Support for Log_Selector “Taint” was also stopped, which allowed to disable the withdrawal of warnings about problems with shielding.
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