Young guard LR takes advantage of election of group president to weigh in National Assembly

The succession of the Republicans would like to have Julien Dive elected to the head of the assembly, with the ambition to work more on the merits. The vote took place this Wednesday, June 22 in the morning.


They arrived one after the other, with the smile of children who prepare a bad turn for adults. Tuesday, June 21, it was back to school for the freshly elected deputies of the Les Républicains (LR) party. The time of the transition to the offensive for the young guard, who wishes to reverse the table in a party which she finds sclerotic by the omnipresence of her past glories. It is in Bourbon, the emblematic brasserie where the elected officials of the National Assembly regularly go, that deputies Julien Dive (Aisne), Pierre-Henri Dumont (Pas-de-Calais), Raphaël Schellenberger (Haut-Rhin), But also Fabien Di Filippo (Moselle) and Virginie Duby-Muller (Haute-Savoie) therefore met to choose which of them would be a candidate for the presidency of the right group.

For an hour and a half, in the basement of this old cafe where the telephone network does not pass, they went back to each other. Measuring the qualities and faults of each of them, in order to determine which would be best placed to win the membership of his fellow deputies. After many reflections, a name is out of the hat: it will be Julien Dive, elected from a rural territory, close to the president of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand. The hopes of this youth eager for change are based on their ability to convince and not to cleave. Julien Dive will have to face Olivier Marleix, deputy for Eure-et-Loir, whose candidacy is supported by Michèle Tabarot (Alpes-Maritimes), which the rumor also gave on the starting line. “I have the impression that it is very clear on its positions,” she said at the end of the day, shortly before the closure of the submission of applications.

The vote took place on Wednesday morning, a secret bulletin. Beforehand, the candidates will have lent themselves to a large oral, who could convince the last indecisive. By targeting the group’s head, the young guard wishes to print a new style in the National Assembly, but also to the Party. First, thanks to a renewal of faces. Many of them say it and repeat it, they are “fed up” to be represented on the television sets and on the public scene in general by the same old glories, which do not represent the right of the right ‘today. And above all, which do not always share their opinions.

In their viewfinder: the ex-minister of the interior of Nicolas Sarkozy Brice Hortefeux, the European deputy Nadine Morano or the mayor of Meaux, Jean-François Copé. To one, they criticize his affinities with Eric Zemmour. At the Seine-et-Marne councilor, they do not forgive his speeches in favor of a coalition with Emmanuel Macron. Then they want to revive the right thanks to new ideas. All claim it: their family will have to work on the bottom to stand out and to avoid disappearing.

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