Emmanuel Macron refers to oppositions responsibility to get out of political deadlock

With only a majority relating to the National Assembly, the Head of State called in a speech on Wednesday to “collectively learn to govern and legislate differently”. The idea of ​​reaching out to the RN divides his majority.

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Emmanuel Macron posed the monkey for a few days on the shoulder of his opponents, before flying to a week of international heights. The head of state was invited on television on Wednesday, June 22, to pronounce a speech in order to try to get out of the dead end in which the short relative majority led to the National Assembly. This “new fact” in the history of the V e Republic implies according to him to “collectively learn to govern and legislate differently”, based on “compromise” and “dialogue”.

Only, at the end of two days of consultations from the leaders of the main parties, the tenant of the Elysée has not yet found the Martingale which will allow him to fill the hole of around forty deputies that he lacks To vote texts. He therefore called for the “responsibility” of “all political forces” by asking them to rule between two options: to sign “a coalition contract” with him or to build “text majorities by text”.

Basically, Emmanuel Macron claims not to give up the “coherence” of the “clear project” which was his during the presidential election, during which the French granted him “clear legitimacy”. He just accentuated the need to lead a “responsible project, that is to say credible and funded”, which will not be abundant “neither by more taxes nor by more budgetary and ecological debt” . “This is why our country, more than ever, needs ambitious reforms to continue to create more wealth, more work and innovate more,” said the Head of State.

Elisabeth Terminal absent from the president’s speech

This is for the call of the foot to the 61 deputies of the Les Républicains Party (LR), who represent the key to a possible majority. And this, even if he was careful not to refer to his promise of pension reform at 65, desired by the right.

Without modifying his project, the President of the Republic returns the ball to the oppositions. “We will have to clarify in the coming days the share of responsibility and cooperation that the various training courses in the National Assembly are ready to take, he said. Entering a coalition of government and action? To simply vote certain texts? “The second option seems the most credible, it is said at the top of the state; A political “change of culture” cannot intervene overnight, after sixty years of exercise of power based on presidentialism and the majority fact.

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