Chrome 103 release

Google introduced the release of Web-browser chrome 103 . At the same time is available a stable release of a free project chromium acting as the basis of Chrome. Chrome browser differs from chromium, there is a schedule, there , modules for playing a video content protected from copying (DRM), an automatic installation system of updates, constant inclusion of Sandbox insulation, supply of keys to Google API and transmission when searching for RLZ parameters. For those who need more time to update, the Extended Stable branch is separately supported, accompanied by 8 weeks. The next issue of Chrome 104 is scheduled for August 2.

main Changes in 103 :

  • The experimental image editor has been added, called to edit page screenshots. In the editor, functions such as scening, highlighting the area, drawing with a brush, the choice of color, the addition of text marks and the output of typical figures and primitives, such as lines, rectangles, circles and arrows are available. To turn on the editor, it is necessary to activate the settings “Chrome: // Flags/#Sharing-desktop-Screenshots” and “Chrome: // Flags/#Sharing-desktop-Screenshots-Edit”. After creating a screenshot through the Share menu in the address bar, you can go to the editor by clicking the “Edit” button on the page with the screenshot.
  • The capabilities of the contents of the recommendations in the target line of Omnibox are expanded in the Chrome 101 added drawing mechanism. A preliminary drawing supplements the previously accessible possibility of loading the most likely to pass recommendations without waiting for a user click, in addition to loading, the contents associated with the recommendations of pages can now be drawn in the buffer (including scripts and a DOM tree is formed), which allows you to provide instant display of recommendations after clicking . To control the pre-trial, the settings of “Chrome: // Flags/#Enable-Prender2”, “Chrome: // Flags/#Omnibox-For-Prender2” and “Chrome: Flags/#Search-suggggetation-For- Prender2 “

    in Chrome 103 for Android added API Speculations Rules, allowing authors of sites to transmit to the browser information about the most probable pages to which the user can go. The browser uses this information for proactive loading and drawing the contents of the pages.

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