Kyiv: crucial issue of European Union membership

Elected officials and Ukrainian government mobilized to convince Brussels to open their way to Europe, during the European Council which is held on June 23 and 24.


The stakes are high, but Kira Rudik says he is confident. The European Council of June 23 and 24 in Brussels will decide a crucial question for the future of Ukraine, its country: granting it or not, the status of candidate of the European Union (EU). The European Commission has already spoken out in favor of this request, filed by kyiv in the aftermath of the start of the war by Russia, and France, which ensures the rotating presidency of the EU Council, assures that “consensus Total “was, over the weeks, released on the issue.

The deputy and head of the Liberal and Pro-European Party Holos gave an appointment in a restaurant held by Crimean Tatars, in the center of kyiv. “I know that European countries have adopted a more rational posture today, says the 36 -year -old woman, who has remained in the capital since the start of the war. But if they refused the status of candidate, how to push our soldiers to continue to fight? The democratic values ​​for which we fight would no longer make sense. They cannot refuse. “

This is one of the battles of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament. Since the start of the war, deputies have largely mobilized to convince European states to accelerate the membership process.

“Dream at hand”

Sunday, June 19, parliamentarians supported 315 votes to, 0 against, a resolution asking the EU to grant Ukraine the status of candidate for EU membership. The Prorussian opposition platform for life, the country’s second political force, also voted for the text. If the party has been officially prohibited in the context of the war, the deputies of this training continue to go to Parliament. “We can assume that the change of position of the deputies is due to their desire to demonstrate their usefulness for power during important polls”, analyzes the NGO Chesno, specialized in the monitoring of the work of the Parliament and the transparency of the political life . It would also be for these elected officials to try to forget their proximity to the Kremlin, in these times of sacred union in the country.

“entire generations have fought to have a chance to escape from the prison of the Soviet Union and, like a free bird, to fly to European civilization. Today, the common Ukrainian dream is at hand! “Said the president of the Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk after the vote. In recent weeks, the 46-year-old elected official, in office since October 2021, went to Germany, France, the Netherlands and before the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, to plead in favor of the candidacy of his Country.

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