Turkish president Erdogan and Saudi crown prince Ben Salman display a “perfect” agreement in Turkey

The Saudi Crown Prince and the Turkish President said they wanted to open a “new era” after the Khashoggi affair and develop their relationships in various fields.


Military honors, Gala dinner, AcoLades, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, did not skimp on the reception reserved for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman (MBS), whom he received with pomp in his Palais de Bestepe, in Ankara, Wednesday June 22. The cavalry was adorned with Turkish and Saudi flags, the national hymns were played by the orchestra, the two leaders kissed, sealing their reconciliation after years of animosity and paralysis of commercial and diplomatic relations.

The common press release published at the end of the interviews boasts the opening of a “new era of cooperation” in the “perfect relations” that Saudi Arabia and Turkey maintain. The page has indeed been shot since the large -scale diplomatic crisis triggered by the sordid assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the premises of the Saudi consulate, in Istanbul, October 2, 2018.

Sulpler of the kingdom, critic of the prince’s policy, the columnist of the Washington Post had gone to the consulate for an administrative approach, it has never come out. The Turkish press then revealed that he was killed and then dismembered by a team of Saudi killers mandated by Riyadh. The order to kill the journalist had come “from the highest spheres of the Saudi government,” said Erdogan, promising to make the truth about this “political assassination”. In Ankara as in Washington, Crown Prince Ben Salman was presented as the main sponsor of the murder.

Redoor his coat of arms

The time is no longer for accusations. The American president, Joe Biden, will go to Saudi Arabia next month and President Erdogan, in liquidity and investment less than a year from the elections, seeks at all costs to get closer to the prince, who, for His share, wants to restore his coat of arms. Ankara was the last step of a tour that took him to Egypt and Jordan, to better give the measure of his regional interpersonal skills before the arrival of President Biden.

Turkey hopes for investments in several sectors: banks, tourism, defense industry. For its part, the kingdom is closely interested in the production of drones.

Ankara is burning to increase its exports, fell to just over $ 200 million against $ 3.2 billion in 2019, according to official statistics. A decrease to account for the unofficial boycott of the Turkish products set up by Riyadh in 2020. It has been lifted since, as well as the ban on the Saudis to stay in Turkey, canceled by MBS a few days before its tour.

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