Evenings in evenings: what we know about this phenomenon that affects all of France

More than 800 complaints were filed and 1,098 testimonies identified in France on June 16. For the time being, no convincing element has been highlighted by investigators.

Le Monde with AFP

Testimonials can be counted by hundreds on social networks and in the press. The phenomenon of “evening bites” has gained national magnitude with the multiplication of stories and complaints filed throughout France for several months.

The scenario is always the same: people who claim to have noticed traces of bite on their leg, their arms or their neck during a concert, a festival, an evening in a bar or in a nightclub. Then dizziness, nausea, discomfort for some; Nothing for others, but always a lot of concern.

Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture, calling for avoiding “psychosis”, said on Tuesday June 21 on France Inter :

“This remains an enigma this story of bites, since there is no contamination or products that are taken, or aggression at the end of these bites. But they really exist.”

The point on what we know about this phenomenon, several months after the first testimonies.

more than 800 complaints everywhere in France

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