Emmanuel Macron wants to “find a larger and clearer majority to act”

With 246 deputies, the smallest majority of the Fifth Republic is so weak that it will have to negotiate on each reform to be able to govern.

Le Monde

After two days of political consultations following the loss of his majority in the National Assembly on Sunday, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, chose to do a television allowance, Wednesday June 22.

“I cannot first ignore the strong abstention which forces us all to restore more meaning to our collective actions, readability to major democratic meetings, he said as a prelude. I do not Can’t ignore fractures, the deep divisions that cross our country and reflect in the composition of the new assembly. “

The head of state then took stock of the interviews he had had with the various leaders of political parties. “Most of the leaders I received excluded the hypothesis of a government of national unity, which in my eyes is not justified, he said. I think he is So possible, in the crucial moment that we live, to find a larger and clearer majority to act. “And to add his wish that” this political overcoming continues with clarity and responsibility “.

“Our country, more than ever, needs ambitious reforms to continue to create more wealth and innovate more,” he added, adding that he wants to put in place emergency measures for ” Respond to the needs of the country and our daily life “, in particular thanks to the future” Buying Power Act “.

Smaller majority of the V e Republic

and to conclude his speech by asking the “different training courses in the National Assembly” to “clarify in the coming days the share of responsibility and cooperation [they] are ready to take”.

Because, with 246 deputies, the smallest majority of the V e republic, the Republic on the march and its allies – modem and horizons – are far from the 289 seats necessary to obtain the absolute majority . The executive will be forced to negotiate on each reform to be able to govern in the face of 142 elected officials from the new ecological and social popular union and a future national rally group of 89 deputies – a record for the extreme right; The Republicans count 64 seats of deputies.

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