Statue of a Mayan God of corn discovered in Mexico

The head as well as various deposits of offerings, found in the archaeological complex of Palenque, in the State of Chiapas, are approximately 1,300 years old, according to the National Institute of Anthropology and Mexican History .

Le Monde science and medicine

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) Mexican announced, Tuesday, May 31, the discovery of a carved head of around 1,300 years, representing one of the gods of corn among the Mayans. The find was made during the summer of 2021 under an alley of the Palenque Palace, former Mayan city located in the State of Chiapas.

45 centimeters long, the head was associated with a basin and a deposit of various offerings: were thus found animal remains – quail, white turtles, fish, dogs -, shells, pliers Crustaceans, sculpted bone fragments, ceramic pieces, three pieces of anthropomorphic figurines, one hundred and twenty fragments of obsidian arrow tips, a portion of green stone pearl and two shell pearls, as well as seeds and small Conques.

For the archaeologist of Inah Arnoldo Gonzalez Cruz, this discovery allows to understand “how the ancient Mayans of Palenque constantly relive the myth of the birth, death and resurrection of the divinity of corn corn “.

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