United States: Republican and Democrats senators find a minimalist firearms

The American president, Joe Biden, estimated that it could be the most significant text on the control of firearms to be voted at Congress for decades “.

Le Monde with AFP

Twenty American, Republican and Democrats, announced, on Sunday, June 12, an agreement on several provisions on Sunday, June 12 to better supervise the use of firearms.

These measures, which require a qualified majority to be approved in the Senate, include an incentive made to the States to withdraw their weapons from the people deemed dangerous as well as others aimed at mental health and safety in schools, but does not understand Not most of the reforms claimed by the Democrats and Joe Biden.

“insufficient but” important “advances

The President of the United States, however, immediately praised insufficient but “important” advances, believing that it would be the text “the most significant on the control of firearms to be voted in Congress for decades “.

The presence of ten republican senators among the signatories of the press release announcing this compromise suggests that such a text has real chances of going to the Senate if all fifty Democrats are favorable. A majority qualified as sixty votes is necessary for such a bill to be adopted, which has so far blocked any major advance towards better supervision of the use of firearms, due to the opposition of the conservatives .

The massacre in a primary school in Uvalde (twenty -one deaths), in Texas, had sparked several parliamentary initiatives, including that of this group of senators, led by Democrat Chris Murphy, who has discreetly worked in recent days In order to find an agreement that can be approved by Congress. 2> thousands of Americans in the streets

The twenty senators, ten republicans and ten democrats, agreed for “a common sense proposal, supported by both parties, to protect American children, keep [the] schools in safety and reduce danger Violence across the country, “said the common statement. Their proposals also include a strengthening of the verification of the judicial and psychological history for arms buyers aged 18 to 21 as well as federal funding for various programs devoted to mental health.

On Saturday, thousands of Americans demonstrated to demand better supervision of firearms after recent killings. On May 24, an 18-year-old high school student with an assault rifle killed nineteen schoolchildren and two teachers in a primary school in Uvalde, near the Mexican border. A few days earlier, an 18-year-old white supremacist killed ten black people in Buffalo, northeast of the United States.

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