Cochared by Ukraine, Joe Biden seeks to take home indoor

The US President announced a new $ 800 million military package in kyiv. If the consensus is on the policy with respect to Russia, the Democrats are losing speed before the mid-term elections.


There are seven hours of time difference between Washington and kyiv. On which zone is adjusted Joe Biden’s watch? A tension, or even an uncomfortable contradiction, appears between the investment of its administration in the war in Ukraine and the desire to avoid a rout in the mid-term elections in November. The American president is forced to a great gap. The White House lives widely at kyiv’s time, both the replicas of this war, economically and geopolitically, are powerful.

But be at war by proxy, without doing so, does not allow patriotic mobilization. Just a one-time political consensus at the Congress, concerning the support to be made to Ukraine. Inflation, migratory pressure at the Mexican border, the new wave of contaminations to COVID-19 and federal hesitation on the mandatory mask constitute an affected angles for the Republicans.

Thursday, April 21, Joe Biden announced an additional military aid package for kyiv, amounting to $ 800 million (€ 738 million), including heavy artillery, ammunition. and dozens of tactical drones. On April 13, US President had already promised an even wingspan. Since August 2021, this is the eighth levy on the stocks of the army. This effort has been accelerated for two months, rising nearly $ 3.4 billion.

Thursday, Joe Biden emphasized the existence of a “critical period”, before the accentuation of the Russian offensive into the Donbass. A kind of race against the watch is engaged to allow kyiv to thwart the plans of Moscow. The US President warned that he would solicit the Congress for a fiscal extension cord to prevent the flow of armaments from drying up. He also announced a new economic assistance of $ 500 million, and the establishment of a migration program for Ukrainians. Washington has promised to welcome 100,000, as soon as they enjoy family sponsorship or NGO.

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“Very frankly, even though I was vice-president for eight years and senator for thirty-six, I did not fully measure how the rest of the world relies on us as a leader in the world Free “, Joe Biden, on April 20, during a meeting with the highest hierarchy of the Defense. Since the beginning of the war, the 24th of February, the United States has been forced to improvise, over the fighting, even to push their own prohibitions.

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