“The re-election of Emmanuel Macron is essential for France to overcome fractures that cross it”

Tribune. The re-election of Emmanuel Macron is essential for France to overcome the fractures that cross it, economic and social, but also and perhaps mostly cultural. Deindustrialization has been affecting France for four decades, more than any other European country. Let’s stop first on these economic and social fractures.

The CVIV-19 crisis revealed the extent and depth of our dependencies. The trade deficit reached 85 billion euros in 2021. At the same time, the German trade surplus tutied, each year, the 200 billion euros. This means that for nearly twenty years the net external position of France has steadily degraded. This is not the way the future of the country is prepared.

This is not a coincidence that Emmanuel Macron has placed the “productive pact” at the heart of his project. Reindustrialization is the soul of our nation and an imperious necessity for anyone who intends to protect our “welfare state” and our great social conquests of the post-Second World War. This is the meaning of Emmanuel Macron’s action in recent years.

Since 2017, resume creating industrial jobs

Setting the Cape of the Reconquest of Industrial Independence, Emmanuel Macron ended the hemorrhage of which France suffered. If there is still the way to go, the first results are at the rendezvous. Since 2017, the net creation of industrial jobs has resumed, a situation that France had not known over the past two decades. In 2021, there were twice as many openings as industrial sites closures in France.

As a comparison, in 2009, the number of factory closures exceeded highly that of openings (- 225 sites). Thanks to the combined voluntarism of our government, our administrative apparatus and our manufacturers, France has become one of the most attractive European countries for foreign industrial investments, a condition essential for innovation.

This is precisely in this ambition of innovation that the France 2030 revival plan is to place France on all “carrier slots”: energy decarbon, electronuclear, hydrogen, electric batteries, Electronic components, aerospace, electric vehicles. But it would be a serious mistake to abandon the traditional industries: textile, clothing, agri-food …

give meaning to work

In all sectors, you need to develop technological research. Finally, and above all, train men at all levels of qualification, learning to engineering schools. To allow the reindustrialization of France, it is not enough to lower taxes on production. Investment must be arranged, resurrect indicative planning.

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