Jean-Luc Mélenchon believes that Emmanuel Macron “is most ill-elected president of Fifth Republic”

Video The leader of La France Insoumise called to constitute a “popular block” around his candidacy during the legislative elections.


The leader of rebellious France spoke just after Marine Le Pen. “The ballot boxes have decided. Marine Le Pen is beaten. France has clearly refused to entrust her with her future, and this is very good news for the unity of our people. Mr. Macron is the most ill -elected president of The V e Republic. His presidential monarchy survives by default and under the constraint of a biased choice, “he said.

He then projected himself on the legislative elections: “The third round begins tonight. June 12 and 19 start the legislative elections. You can beat Mr. Macron. (…) Another world is still possible if you elect A majority of deputies of the popular union who must expand. The popular block (…) is a third state that can change everything. June 12 and 19, calling you to raise me as Prime Minister, I invite you to bring a new future in common for our people. “

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