Amazon France: only one union signed proposal for general increase in management wages

The French management of the group proposes to increase wages by 3.5 %, a figure deemed “indecent” by most representative unions.

Le Monde with AFP

Among the unions representing the approximately 15,500 employees of Amazon France, only one, the CFE-CGC executives union, signed the agreement with the management of 3.5 % on Tuesday on a general increase in wages on a general increase in wages , that the other organizations have deemed insufficient in a context of high inflation.

“We are not a signator because this proposal remains indecent”, explains, at the France-Presse agency, Morgane Boulard, CFDT central union delegate, after a last meeting on Tuesday. But she says she is “rather satisfied that management is not descended to 3 % increase”.

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é> -Mai, the various representative unions (CFDT, South, CGT, CAT, CFE-CGC) had indeed regretted that the direction of the American giant makes them “blackmail”, By “saying that if the unions did not sign” their proposal at + 3.5 % Tuesday, an increase of 3 % of wages would be decided unilaterally.

Finally, only the CFE-CGC signed an agreement in the direction of a very old claim on its part on the 13 e months of certain employees. After two and a half hours of negotiations, the French management of the group decided to “remain unilaterally on 3.5 % increase”, explained Morgane Boulard.

The unions are claiming 5 % against Inflation

“They listened to the requests of the inter -union,” abounds Hakim Taoufik, central union delegate of the CAT. However, organizations did not sign because they wanted “at least 5 %, insofar as inflation is now 4.8 % and that, while a few years ago the basic salary at Amazon was 15 % to 20 % above the minimum wage, it is only a few cents now “.

The management has cut on some existing advantages previously, such as the number of authorized absences without proof, which goes from three to one, “a better retirement compensation, or even schedules for people Wanting to use a PMA [Medically assisted procreation] “, detail Morgane Boulard and Hakim Taoufik.

In a press release, the management said it was “happy to confirm the attractive wage increase proposal made by Amazon, which [she thought] well positioned for [her] employees and who will be implemented within [its] eight distribution centers, just like other financial measures “. Among these measures: a control agent status for computer technicians, or even end-of-year bonuses, it is said of the same source.

The social movement broke out on April 4 on the eight logistics sites of Amazon in France. The CGT had notably noted that Amazon was going to “charge 5 % tax to its sellers to cope with the rise in fuels”, but refused “to give 5 % to its employees so that they could face the increase in fuel “.

The American giant achieved $ 33 billion [31 billion euros] profits in 2021, even if inflation and shortages weigh on its economic prospects for 2022.

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