Mexico wants to associate United States with its development plan in Central America to fight against

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador started a tour of Guatemala, Salvador, Belize and Honduras, before going to Cuba.


“We must tackle the causes of illegal emigration”, repeats Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“amlo”), before starting, from May 5 to 8, a tour in four countries D ‘Central America and Cuba, from which most of the migrants repressed to the American border are from. A first for Amlo, managed to convince his American counterpart, Joe Biden, to play the regional cooperation card to dissuade illegal immigrants from crossing Mexico to the United States, while migratory flows are about to explode .

This is an unprecedented trip to the South for Amlo, which has left Mexico only three times since the start of its mandate in 2018, and only to go to the United States. The nationalist president of the center left was to fly, Thursday, May 5, until Guatemala, before going to Salvador, Honduras, Bélize then to Cuba. Objective: Promote his regional development plan which he wishes to boost with the financial support of Washington.

tackle misery in Central America

His regular exchanges with Joe Biden seem promising. “We share the same desire to attack the misery in Central America, which encourages people to migrate,” said Amlo, Friday April 29, after having maintained himself for almost an hour with his American counterpart. Time is running out for the two neighbors: 221,303 undocumented migrants were arrested in March by the American border guards, against 165,894 a month earlier. A migratory wave that continues to increase.

The announcement by Washington of the lifting, on May 23, of the “express evictions” established in the name of the fight against the COVVI -19 in March 2020 – since that date, the American services have expelled approximately 1.7 million Migrants -, may create a new migratory air call. The end of this device, called “ Title 42 “, remains conditioned on a court decision, scheduled for May 13. But it could leap the daily arrests of migrants from 7,800 to 18,000 on average, according to Washington projections.

“If we reach this figure, our system will be subject to extraordinary pressure,” admitted the American secretary of internal security, Alejandro Mayorkas, while saying “ready” to manage this record influx. Same pressure for Mexico, which, according to a bilateral agreement signed under the mandate of Donald Trump, welcomes most of the expelled, forced to wait for American justice to process their requests. As for the Mexican migratory services, they arrested 115,379 illegals from January to mid-April, most from Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba and Salvador.

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