Damien Abad leaves presidency of LR group and goes back from his party

Under the fire of criticisms for several weeks for his connections with the Macronist camp, the president of the group Les Républicains in the National Assembly responded in the columns of the “Figaro” on Thursday, at the forty of LR deputies asking him to “clarify your position”.


New shock among the Republicans (LR). Damien Abad, the president of the LR group in the National Assembly, leaves his duties “for the sake of clarity, coherence and responsibility”, he announced, Thursday, May 19, in the columns of Figaro . “I remain a right-wing man but I get on my party’s leave,” he said.

m. Abad has been under fire for criticism for several weeks for his connections, previously never denied, with the presidential camp. The pressure rose to a notch on Tuesday around the one who presided over the first opposition group in the National Assembly. Faced with around forty LR deputies asking him to “clarify his position”, Damien Abad had asked “a period of forty-eight hours”, that is until Friday, May 20, deadline for submitting candidates for the legislative elections of 12 and June 19. The moment he hoped to be able to know the composition of the government and why not hear his name declamed on the porch of the Elysée by the secretary general, Alexis Kohler.

But tires of this liar poker game, the president of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, enjoined Mr. Abad to “leave his functions as president of the group”, Thursday at the start of the afternoon in a lapidary press release . “Under these conditions, I told him that we could not wait for Mr. Macron’s good will to take him or not take him to the government,” said Jacob, after the deputy for Ain Him asked “an additional time to wait for the composition of the government”. It is Virginie Duby-Muller, deputy (LR) of Haute-Savoie, who will be responsible for chairing the group until the legislative elections.

“I do not believe in old cleavages”

The ambiguity of the position held by Damien Abad had reached his climax, when the presidential majority had indicated that he did not want to invest as a candidate together in front of him, in the 5 e district of the Ain. The general delegate of La République en Marche (LRM), Stanislas Guerini, had justified this decision by invoking “the posture of responsibility and the clarity” of Mr. Abad, when the latter had called to vote for Emmanuel Macron against the candidate of the candidate National rally, Marine Le Pen, in the in-between-tours of the presidential election. “I find it regrettable that some within our family make Emmanuel Macron the number one opponent, repeated in Le Figaro Mr. Abad. Faced with populist danger I do not believe in old cleavages but the gathering of all those who wish to do advance our country “.

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