Legislative 2022: on left, NUPS presents a joint program of more than 650 proposals

Despite their divergences on nuclear and the European Union, leftist training courses posted, Thursday, their agreement on “the essential” of their political project.

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Fifteen days after announcing an alliance agreement of a part of the left in the perspective of the legislative elections, the new Ecological and Social People’s People’s Union (Nuts) presented, Thursday, May 19, a programmatic base comprising more than 650 proposals.

The rapprochement points as well as disagreements between rebellious France (LFI), the Socialist Party (PS), Europe Ecology-les Verts (EELV) and the French Communist Party (PCF) are listed there. “The idea was not to lead to an ideological fusion,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the start of the press conference, in which the ecologist Julien Bayou, the socialist Olivier Faure and the Communist Ian Brossat. Even on Europe, “it was easy to agree,” he added, “since no one asked anyone to impose your own vision on all the others”.

“We are for the idea of ​​moving the European Union”

The ambition to “plan the transition to 100 % renewable energies and the exit of nuclear” and “abandon EPR projects” is in the program, published concomitantly on Nut website . “We agree on the essentials,” insisted Mr. Brossat, despite the clear support of his camp to the nuclear sector. “If tomorrow we have [parliamentarians] groups in the National Assembly, they will defend their convictions,” he added. Understand: the Communists will keep their decision -making autonomy. This divergence of positions on the energy strategy is a “nuance” compared to the main axes of the program, also commented on Clémence attended, executive of LFI and candidate for the legislative elections in Val-de-Marne.

Training also highlighted their common will to reform the European Union (EU), on which the opposition between the PS and the other parties was very firm during the presidential campaign. “We are for the idea of ​​moving the European Union,” said Faure, while insisting on the need to stay in the EU and the euro zone.

“We are ready and ready to govern for the climate and social justice in June,” also said Mr. Bayou, fixing these two themes as the heart of the Nutps project. “We are going to campaign everywhere in France to create the conditions for a better future. We have the will, together, to be a left of transformation,” analyzed Mr. Faure, adding: “The story of The left is to have made possible things that were presented as impossible the day before. “

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