ORACLE Linux 8.6 distribution release and Beta-release of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 7

Oracle oracle linux 8.6 created on the basis of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux package base 8.6. To download without restrictions arealsopreparedforloading.

InadditiontothepacketwiththenucleusfromtheRHEL(basedonthenucleus4.18),OracleLinuxoffersitsownUnbreakableEnterpriseKernel6nucleus,basedontheLinux5.4nucleusandoptimizedforworkingwithindustrialsoftwareandOracleequipment.Theinitialtextsofthenuclei,includingthebreakdownintoseparatepatches,areavailableinthepublic git-reacle

oracle. The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel core is installed by default, positioned as an alternative to the RHEL Nuclear Club and provides a number of advanced capabilities such as DTRACE integration and improved BTRFS support.

The new version of Oracle Linux proposes the release of the nucleus unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R6u3 In which the support of the Wireguard protocol is stabilized, the capabilities of the asynchronous input/output of IO_URING interface are expanded, and support for invested viralization on systems with the CPU AMD has been improved, and NVME support was expanded. Otherwise, List of changes in Rhel 8.6).

Additionally, Oracle published in the public GIT-RARCLE.

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