America in shock from a new killing in a school, in Texas

An 18-year-old young man killed nineteen children in a primary school in Uvalde, before being killed by the police.


The city of Uvalde, Texas, has 16,000 inhabitants. It is located about 140 kilometers west of San Antonio, towards the Mexican border. This is where the Robb Elementary School is located, a public school welcoming 570 students, mainly of Hispanic origin, of modest or disadvantaged environments. Salvador Ramos, resident of Uvalde, had just been 18 years old and attended a high school in the city. Tuesday, May 24, after shooting his grandmother at his home for a still unknown reason, the young man went aboard his gray pick-up near the primary school. We do not know if he had chosen this precise target in a premeditated way. He abandoned the car in a ditch. He entered the building and made a carnage.

In total, at least 19 children, between 7 and 10 years old, were killed, as well as two adults. The final assessment of the victims has not yet been established, wounded having been evacuated, sometimes in critical condition, to two hospital establishments in the region. The shooting took place at 11:30 am Salvador Ramos was equipped with at least one assault rifle, according to Sergeant Erick Estrada, from the State Security Department, who said he had bought his weapons For his 18 e anniversaire. It is not known for the time being whether he had acquired them in a Texas or online armory.

Barricaded in a room, Salvador Ramos ended up being shot by the police. Children had managed to get out of classrooms through windows, some had taken refuge in a nearby, terrified funeral home, according to the Washington Post. Meanwhile, the parents, alerted, flocked near the school, but they were recommended to go to the Civic Center of the City, to be able to identify all children.

This is the worst shooting in a primary school since that of Sandy Cook, Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012, when 20 children and six adults had perished. According to an estimate of the Washington Post, more than 300,000 children were exposed directly – as physical victims or traumatized witnesses – to a shooting in a school establishment since the tragedy of Columbine, in 1999.

while he speaks about the killing of Uvalde (Texas), the American president, Joe Biden, does not hide his emotion , in Washington, May 24, 2022. While he is expressed about the killing of Uvalde (Texas), The American president, Joe Biden, does not hide his emotion, in Washington, the 24 ma I 2022. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

biden between emotion and grief

America is shining its mourning by bullets, touching adults and children. Barely ten days ago, a man with supremacist convictions seeking to aim for blacks had murdered ten people, in a supermarket in the city of Buffalo (New York State). According to an FBI report published Monday, the year 2021 was marked by 61 shootings triggered in populated areas, in 30 different states, causing 103 dead and 140 injured, against 40 similar crimes in 2020 and 30 in the previous two years.

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