How choice of new Prime Minister has become a political problem for Emmanuel Macron

re -elected on April 24, the Head of State has still not appointed the next head of government. A delay which is explained by the difficulty of finding the ideal profile and which arouses questions in the majority and the oppositions.


Twenty-two days. It has been twenty-two days since Emmanuel Macron was re-elected to the Elysée, during the second round of the presidential election, Sunday April 24. However, since then, the weather seems suspended, with the impression that the second five -year period has not really started. In question: the endless expectation of government reshuffle, as the head of state takes his time to reveal the name of his next Prime Minister, replacing Jean Castex, about to leave Matignon. “The adventure of national politics is over,” said the world on May 13, the one who has already prepared his resignation letter.

A deadline that arouses impatience within the majority, from several candidates for the legislative elections wishing to really launch their campaign. And ministers, curious to know whether they will be – or not – renewed. But also questions, in the macronist ranks as in those of the opposition, where one wonders about the causes of the indecision of the Head of State. And on his absence, at the start of this mandate. “But what does he do? We don’t see him. He’s not there,” said the leader of rebellious France (LFI), Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “We have the impression that Emmanuel Macron, himself, does not know what direction to give to his five-year term after a campaign where he did not present a project to spare the goat and the cabbage”, abounds the national secretary of ‘Europe Ecologie-les Verts (EELV), Julien Bayou.

“All this loss of time is difficult to understand for the French,” said mayor Les Républicains (LR) de Meaux, Jean-François Copé, on May 8, on Franceinfo, denouncing an “climate of imparation “, and a” contrast between this kind of period when nothing happens at all, and at the same time the urgency of subjects “, such as war in Ukraine, purchasing power, security or pension reform .

Complicated job sheet to satisfy

Sign of a certain feverishness? The government’s website had mistakenly displayed a page announcing the resignation of the Castex government on Saturday morning, “due to technical problems,” said Matignon. As if the appointment of a new Prime Minister, who was supposed to be a weapon for the President of the Republic to instill a new dynamic, gradually became a political problem.

A delay in ignition, which is due to the difficulty of finding the ideal profile, as the post sheet drawn by Emmanuel Macron, in search of a head of government “attached to the social question, to the environmental question And to the productive question, “turns out to be complicated to satisfy entirely. A face embodying both the “renewal” and at the same time “someone solid, capable of making a 20 hours ahead of fifteen million viewers and holding in the assembly cauldron, during questions to the government”, dixit the entourage of the head of state. With an assertive ecological sensitivity because Emmanuel Macron promised to appoint a “Prime Minister responsible for ecological planning”.

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