Yannick Agnel is again on appeal against Mulhouse Olympic Swim

The club, which reproached the double Olympic champion a breach of contract, will have to pay him 60,000 euros. The lawyer for the mon does not envisage, for the moment, to appeal to cassation.

Le Monde with afp

The Colmar Court of Appeal again condemned Mulhouse Olympic Swimming (My) Friday May 13, 2022. He will have to pay Yannick Agnel the last year of his contract, or 60,000 euros, we learned of judicial source. This decision rendered by the second civil chamber of the Alsatian jurisdiction confirms the judgment rendered at first instance by the Mulhouse judicial court on July 7, 2020. The club will also have to pay 2,000 euros to Yannick Agnel and to the company LGY, which manages its contracts and image rights, according to this judicial source.

“We take note of the position of the Court of Appeal which in its judgment takes up in all respects the judgment which had been pronounced” in Mulhouse, told the agency France-Presse (AFP) Me Dominique Riegel, the club lawyer. Asked about the possibility of a cassation appeal, the Council was circumspect: “The Court of Cassation does not judge the facts but laws in law … I do not think that an appeal is admissible.”

“By confirming the perfectly reasoned judgment of the Mulhouse judicial court, the Colmar Court of Appeal puts an end to the unfounded challenges of the MOP and restored Yannick Agnel in his rights. This decision is perfectly justified both with regard to the facts and the right, “reacted Me Nicolas Mahassen, Yannick Agnel Council. 2> other cases in progress at Mulhouse Olympic Natation

At the origin of the dispute: an agreement signed by the two parties, in which the Mulhousian club had committed to pay its swimmer up to 50,000 euros in 2014 then 60,000 in 2015 and 2016. But in August in August 2016, at the Rio Olympic Games, Yannick Agnel had announced to the press, after his elimination in the 200m freestyle series, which he retired. The mon, which had concluded that a breach of the swimmer had then suspended the payments.

Roxana Maracineanu Roxana Club, World Swimming Champion in 1998 and Minister Delegate for Sports, the MO is currently in turmoil. The last accounts, published in September 2019, reveal an annual deficit of 44,000 euros and a debt of 780,000 euros, despite 680,000 euros in subsidies.

In another case, the club is currently indicted for “attempted scam” for facts dating back to 2016, on complaint with the constitution of civil party of the family of a swimmer. He is also at the heart of a preliminary survey on his management, opened in January 2020 by the Mulhouse prosecution, and entrusted to the financial brigade. As for Yannick Agnel, he was indicted in December for “rape and sexual assault” after a complaint from the daughter of his former coach, Lionel Horter.

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