Five indictments in Lyon for flight of 9 million euros in robbery of an armored van in 2020

Among the suspects is the driver of the vehicle, suspected of having facilitated the attack, in August 2020, under the constraint according to him. A bag of money and the purchase of an apartment in Dubai would come from the booty, according to the judicial police.


suspected of having participated in theft of 9 million euros, during the attack on a armored van perpetrated in Lyon, on August 28, 2020, three men and two women were indicted on Friday, May 13 , at the Palais de Justice in Lyon. An amount of the order of 150,000 euros in cash was found during several searches carried out in the Lyon region by investigators from the Banditry Brigade of the Judicial Police (PJ) of Lyon, and by the Central Office fight against organized crime. The PJ also discovered an investment in real estate in Dubai, which could come from the booty of the spectacular robbery.

Among the five suspects referred to the investigating judge, appears Salim M., 34, former fundraising of the company Loomis, target of robbery. The man was indicted and imprisoned for “armed robbery in an organized gang”, “Association of criminals” and “whitening”. He is suspected of having facilitated the attack as he piloted the attacked van, according to the investigations of the judicial police. Discretion and patience: In order not to have respected these elementary rules of organized crime, Salim M. inevitably drawn attention to his reckless expenses. Motorcycles, apartment purchase in Villeurbanne (Rhône) … The culturism enthusiast crystallized the doubts that the investigators had immediately had on him.

From the start of the research, the police mentioned in their reports that the armored van driver had “started in a reversal march”, at the time of the assault, shortly before 9 am, led by a commando of “Six to eight criminals”. Blocked by two utility vans, in a street at 7 e arrondissement of Lyon, the armored vehicle was then open and relieved of its 34 boxes, containing a total of 9 million euros in different cuts. The van and the two utilities were burned on the spot, while the gang left on two sedans, also burnt down later, in Vernaison, south of Lyon. The blow recalls the break of the century of the conveyor Toni Musulin, in 2009, and its 11 million euros stolen not far from the scene of this new attack.

Double game

PJ’s bloodhounds were still ticked when the driver’s version has come into contradiction with other testimonies. Salim M. was the only one to mention the use of an explosive frame, glued to the vehicle windshield by the attackers, as if it were to justify its docility to open the side door of the vehicle. Another surprise: the driver had insisted on driving this tour, claiming a second night job, in a nightclub. “At 8 am, the whole team was ready at the start,” said a Loomis official, little used to such punctuality with the young driver.

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