United States: White House has a new face

Approach to mid-term elections, the Biden administration is experiencing some changes, including the promotion of Karine Jean-Pierre, 44, as spokesperson.


The White House puts itself in battle order before the mid-term elections, which promises to be a difficult test for Democrats. Announced by the American media for several weeks, the departure of spokesperson Jen Psaki was confirmed in a statement on Thursday, May 5. This will be replaced from May 13 by Karine Jean-Pierre, 44, her assistant until then. Joe Biden paid tribute to Jen Psaki, to his contribution to the “return to decency, respect and decorum in the White House press room”, after the erratic era of Donald Trump and his conflicting relationships with the press . He also praised the future spokesperson for his administration, who will bring “the experience, talent and integrity necessary for this difficult work”.

“I am all that Donald Trump hates. I’m a black woman, I’m gay, I’m a mother,” said Karine Jean-Pierre in 2018, at the time she worked for the organization of the left Moveon . Born in Martinique to Haitian parents, a graduate of the University of Columbia, she will be the first black and homosexual woman to occupy this very exposed function, where each sentence is likely to be interpreted or criticized. The number of articles on his appointment shows how much a power position, with a powerful symbolic charge. “The account performance,” said Jen Psaki by his side, moved on Thursday.

Karine Jean-Pierre has a long experience of public commitment. In May 2021, she had been the first woman of color to take place at the Press Room – In Punctual Replacement of Jen Psaki – From Judy Smith, Vice -Porte -Parole by President George Bush, in 1991.

The promoted worked in the Barack Obama team during his victories in 2008 and then in 2012, before joining the entourage of Joe Biden during his presidential campaign, at the head of the staff of the future vice-president , Kamala Harris. Karine Jean-Pierre also made a passage as a television editorialist, on the MSNBC channel, a round trip whose experts in political communication are very familiar in the United States. Besides, according to the American press, Jen Psaki is preparing to make this passage in the opposite direction, by joining this same left chain. “Sorry to see you go,” said Peter Doocy, the correspondent for the conservative chain Fox News on Thursday. “Really?” Was she maliciously replied, from tac to tac.

normalization and irritation

Under the presidency Biden, relations with the press have normalized, sometimes in the despair of certain writing in search of controversies and crisp little sentences. Jen Psaki was of professionalism, skill and courtesy recognized by most journalists, passing with ease from one subject to another, from war to Ukraine to migratory pressure on the Mexican border , without forgetting ten other additional subjects.

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