SYSVINIT initialization system release 3.02

is presented Release of the classical initialization system Sysvinit 3.02 , which was widely used in Linux distributions during SystemD and Upstart, and now continues to be used in distributions such as Devuan, Debian GNU / HURD and ANTIX. Versions used in conjunction with Sysvinit Utilities Insserv and StartPar have not changed. Utility Insserv is designed to organize the download process taking into account dependencies between init scripts, and startpar is used to ensure a parallel start of multiple scripts during system loading process.

in new Release Sysvinit:

  • framework PO4A to coordinate work on translations documentation and man pages for different languages.
  • modified man-pages and added scripts for their assembly taking into account translations.
  • Development Infrastructure transferred from Savannah to the /slicer69/sysvinit”> github , on which now will be to deal with Notifications about problems.
  • In the InitTab file, the use of the “@” symbol in commands for processing a literal command, for which the command interpreter does not start.
  • BootLogD implemented checking errors that occur when performing the CHDIR () function, and uses IOCTL TiOCGDEV to simplify the console definition in Linux.
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