Mutipoping of journalist killings tends relations between Mexico, Washington and EU

Eight journalists have been killed since the beginning of the year 2022, a record, while President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is accused of stroking hatred against the press.


He paid it expensive. Journalist Armando Linares was murdered on Tuesday, March 15, in the state of Michoacan, in western Mexico. A month and a half earlier, this head of the Regional Information Blog Monitor Michoacan denounced in a scathing video the murder of one of his colleagues. Mr. Linares is the eighth Mexican journalist killed since the beginning of the year, a record. Hécatomb raised the criticisms of Washington and the European Parliament, provoking the IRE of Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“Amlo”), accused of stating the vulnerability of a profession victim of organized crime and elected Ripoux.

“Designate corrupt politicians resulted in the death of one of our colleagues”, had lampitated, tears, Mr. Linares, in a message Posted on January 31 on social networks, just after the assassination of His collaborator, Roberto Toledo. “We will continue to reveal the corruption of civil servants, he warned the trembling voice. We do not have weapons, our only defense is a pen and a notepad.” A revealing video of the despair of media professionals , which face the faults of the governmental mechanism for the protection of journalists.

Revealer, Mr. Linares had refused to benefit from the measures granted by this institution, which provides “panic buttons”, surveillance cameras, or even bodyguards to journalists at risk. Mr. Linares was riddled with bullets, Tuesday, at his home in the city of Zitacuaro, bloody by the cartels of the drug. But in his video, the journalist denounced rather threats from local elected officials. A widespread practice, according to the Press Defense Organization Article 19, which reveals that 40% of the sponsors of aggression against journalists are public officials.

Impunity of crimes

More than 150 media professionals have been murdered since 2000 in Mexico. The plague has increased since Amlo’s entry into 2018. The eight murders since January already graze the morbid assessment (9 killed) of the whole of 2021. to the point that the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, posted, at the end of February on his Twitter account, a message of support “to those who ask for more protection for Mexican journalists”.

Amlo’s replica had not been waiting: “Mexico is not a colony of the United States!” Hammered the center of the left center, denouncing an “interference”. On March 9, the European Parliament approved a resolution deploring Mexico to be “the most murderer country in the world for journalists”. The text denounces the impunity of press crimes, more than 90% of which are never resolved. MEPs also called Amlo to cease his “populist rhetoric”. According to them, the Mexican President “stigmatizes and attacks the critical press (…) under the pretext of fighting false information”.

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