Mexico: “gray house” of son of “Amlo” raises suspicions of conflict of interest

The President’s reaction, which denounced a “media strategy orchestrated by putschist interest groups”, arouses indignation in the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.


“It’s a dirty war against me”, is the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (“Amlo”), entangled in the case of the “Gray House” of his son, José Ramon Lopez Beltran . The Crown launched, Tuesday, February 22, an investigation on this luxurious manner leased in the United States by the wife of the eldest son of “Amlo” to a leader of a company that benefits from large public contracts, raising suspicion. conflict of interest. The case of drawers sows the doubt about “governing by example”, promised by the reforming president of the left center, whose media counterattack causes the controversy on both sides of the border.

The scandal started at the end of January by the publication of a journalistic survey on this imposing house at the roof of slates, planted in a brangy suburbs of Houston. The property, estimated at a million dollars, has a 23-meter pool, a bar and a cinema. The eldest of the four president’s four children lived there, between 2019 and 2020, with his wife and children. The investigation carried out by the Mexican non-governmental organization against corruption and impunity (MCC) and the Latin site, led by Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, revealed that at the time, the owner of the house of 447 square meters was other than Keith Schilling, executive of Baker Hughes, American provider of the Mexican public oil company, PEMEX.

What triggers the deputies of the opposition. These have deposited in the middle of the hemicycle, on February 17, a huge replica of the “gray house” symbolizing, according to them, the double speech of “Amlo”. The one we nickname “The President of the Poor” conducts, since his triumphal election in 2018, a crusade against the corruption and the privileges of the powerful, in a country where a two-two Mexican is poor. Its austerity cure has reduced the salaries of senior officials, including his, guests to make low profile.

“slander information”

“Respect our privacy!”, defended, Saturday, February 19, on his Instagram account, the daughter-in-law of the leader, Carolyn Adams, who denies any conflict of interest. The wife of José Ramon denounces “false defamatory and slanderous information”, stating that neither her nor her husband are officials. This US citizen has published in support of the rental agreement, the property deposit and the payment of the first rent of $ 5,600 (4,970 euros) per month. She ensures that she did not know who was the owner, having rented this house through an agency. Confirmed assertions, two days later, by the company Baker Hughes after an internal investigation that concluded on “the lack of conflict of interest” in its ongoing contracts with PEMEX, which amount to more than 150 million dollars. His leaders said Mr. Schilling had left the company in December 2019.

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