Mexican President promises a “zero impunity” after assassination of a journalist, fifth this year

At least seven journalists were killed in Mexico in 2021 and a hundred since 2000, based on the numbers of the National Commission on Human Rights.

Le Monde

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was shown on Friday, February 11th determined to prosecute those responsible for the death of a journalist on the eve. “Zero Impunity (…). And it is a message to those involved in crime, both organized crime and white collar crime,” said Mexican President at his morning press conference.

Heber Lopez Vazquez, reporter from the Noticias Web information site, was killed Thursday in the state of Oaxaca (South) while inside his vehicle, had announced the prosecutor of the State, Arturo Calvo, stating that the two presumed murderers had been arrested.

The Sub-Secretary Security, Ricardo Mejia, confirmed on Friday their arrest “in the act offend” by the local police and a firearm has been seized. “All inquiry tracks are followed (…) In order to determine the mobile and the intellectual paternity” of the crime, said Mr. Mejia, confirming that the reporter was not part of a government program that offers protection to journalists. Threatened.

Five journalists murdered in 2022

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suggested that the authorities already had more information on this assassination, but that they were still to remain confidential for the good of the investigation.

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