Prison with reprieve in “Ripoux” case of police of stains bin

At different degrees, justice reproached them between 2014 and March 2015, notably to have “targeted people” engaged in drug trafficking to fly and sell the goods.

Le Monde with AFP

Four police officers of the Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) (Seine-Saint-Denis) were sentenced, Thursday, February 3 in Bobigny, to sentences ranging from six to thirty months in prison to have stolen dealers , made false p.-v. and fraudulently used font files.

On the six officials pursued, four men and two women, in this affair of “Ripoux”, one was relaxed and the last will be rejected in June. The sentences pronounced by the Bobigny Court against these policemen were less heavy than the requisitions.

The main defendant who is called “Stifler” was sentenced to thirty months in prison. The brigadier had been detained for two and a half months. It was revoked from the police in 2018. At the trial, the Prosecutor Loïc Pageot had required three years in prison, of which eighteen months ago and a prohibition to practice in the police.

Two police officers and judicial police officers, aged 38 to 49, were sentenced to sentences from six to twenty-four months in prison with Suris.

“There was errors “

Justice reproached them between 2014 and March 2015, including having “targeted people” engaged in drug trafficking to steal them and resell the goods. They also realized so-called “Mexican” searches, outside the legal framework, used font files fraudulently and erased evidence.

According to the lawyer of “Stifler”, Marie-Hélène Fabiani, his client was “not a Ripou (…) eight years after the facts, we realize that they had done their job just with a little Too much zeal, “she said. For M e Fabiani, “there were mistakes and they were condemned for that. They wanted to get out of beautiful business with a pressure of their hierarchy. My client can finally turn the page, concluded the lawyer.

This case had shook the Paris police prefecture, competent on this department. Of the six officials pursued, including a major and a brigadier, three were revoked. According to a judicial source, if the investigation has shown that “money has circulated, no material element has established personal enrichment”, only the lifestyle financing of the six police officers.

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