Alma-Ata: earned supermarkets with enhanced security

In Almaty, victims of the pogroms and marauders during the riots, supermarkets earned, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the operational headquarters.

Shops will work on abbreviated schedule. As of Sunday, January 9, 28 supermarkets of Magnum networks, “Toymart” and “Small” are available for buyers. The administration of the enterprises stated that products are enough.

to supermarkets after riots and ladderhood put reinforced guard. The city is completely surrounded by blocks, on which dozens of military personnel are duty.

Protests in Kazakhstan began against the background of raising prices for fuel for cars on January 2. For several days, there were collisions with security forces. In Kazakhstani stores against the background of disorders, the essentials ended. There was a lack of bread and toilet paper, these goods were only in large supermarkets in limited quantities.

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