In United States rated resumption of production of Tu-160m

January 12 The debut flight made the first strategic rocket minister of the Tu-160m of the new building. In the United States, it was estimated to resume the production of rocket trainers. The aircraft developed during the Cold War can become a temporary option before the production of a promising aviation complex of long-range aviation (Pak-yes), writes The National Interest.

A new construction aircraft received upgraded navigation systems, aircraft management and armament. The publications stressed that Tu-160m also received an upgraded version of the NK-32 engines, which are considered the most powerful power units of combat aircraft.

The publication notes that the modernized rocket train has retained the design of the Cold War. “Until Russia can eliminate problems with the design of Pak Yes, a new and superior Tu-160m will serve as a temporary bomber,” writes The National Interest.

Earlier in the Publication The Drive suggested that the new Tu-160m will expand Russian opportunities. The plane can get a new rocket weapon.

In December, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military Industrial Commission (MPC) of Russia, Andrei Yelchaninov, said that the package would go to armared from 2024 to 2033.

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