Oreshkin made a forecast for inflation in coming years

Assistant President of Russia Maxim Oreshkin believes that in the coming years, the situation in which an increased increase in inflation is observed will remain at the global level with a likely reduction of growth rates. He did such a forecast during his speech at the Gaidar Forum, reports TASS.

“budget deficits will remain higher than they have been before the crisis, and this will certainly lead to the fact that inflation may not be at such a level, but still will exceed the target values ​​that cost. This situation It will last another one or two years, at a minimum, “said Oreshkin.

He also added that Russia after the coronavirus pandemic managed to lead to the norm of budget policy and return to a “balanced fiscal situation.” Moreover, in his opinion, lending should decrease, which in turn will lead to the normalization of the situation with inflation.

Earlier, the Director General of the Russian Fund of Direct Investments (RDII), Kirill Dmitriev, said that the world market was overtaken by dollars, which was the cause of high inflation. About 40 percent of all dollars in circulation were printed by the United States over the past two years, he noted.

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