Marine Le Pen, at Louvre, wants to close “the parenthesis macron”

The national rally candidate has put online, Saturday, January 15, a campaign clip shot at the Louvre, a symbolic place of the election of Emmanuel Macron, in 2017.

Le Monde with AFP

The outgoing president celebrated his victory against Marine Le Pen in 2017. It was at the Louvre that the candidate of the national rally (NR), again in the running for the presidential election, recorded his speech, Broadcast Saturday, January 15th.

To launch “The last straight line of the campaign”, the far-right candidate had planned to organize a presidential agreement, Saturday, January 15 in Reims, the city where the kings of France were sacred: because of the COVID, the meeting was referred to February 5 and the national gathering candidate (RN) was satisfied with a brief video declaration in front of the Louvre pyramid, for “Closing the Quinquennate of Emmanuel Macron”, which had Open in these same places, May 7, 2017.

In a three-minute and a half-minute clip, where she stands on stage strolling on the famous esplanade, Marine Le Pen, “In the heart of this architectural jewel, setting up the most beautiful cultural achievements of the man” A wanted to “deliver a message of mobilization and hope” – and especially concentrated his attacks on Emmanuel Macron, of which she tries to stay the main opponent.

“The wind of seasons took away his words,” said the candidate who castigates: “An absurd management of the incessant crises, frequently provoked, often maintained and always suffered”. It will have, according to Madame Le Pen, “dispelled the latest illusions: the degradation of the presidential function, the betrayal of the duties towards the French as the corrosion of the government by lies and the concealment (which) still brought together the country of the collapse and the French decommissioning. “

She worried about what would happen if he was re-elected “of our existence as a people if France remains delivered to the greed of private interests, to the ensinquency of offenders, at the Injustice of the policies, the permanent challenge of our values ​​and our way of life, in contempt of elites for the people, to the assault of the globalists on our sovereignty “.

It hears, facing “a toxic macronism for the country”, to the French “their country, their safety, their money, their pride” and committed them, three months of the presidential election, not to wait for the election, but “to do it”. “To finally close the open parenthesis here of a toxic macronism for the country, I need you by my side,” she calls in speeches interspersed with campaign images on a computer music background.

Interviewed Friday on the symbolism of the place, the figure of the RN had also pointed out that the Louvre, “nuclear heart” of French culture, was the symbol “of the power and radiation that our country can find” and Really “a message of hope” to “start faster and stronger”.

Competed on the right

The far-right candidate must also hold on Tuesday, a press conference on the Presidency of the European Union by France. An intervention planned for the eve of an Emmanuel Macron speech before the European Parliament in the context of this Presidency, regularly put forward by the Head of State, which no longer hides his “desire” to be a candidate.

It is, for Marine Le Pen, to find his place of first opponent in Emmanuel Macron, when it was given last year in the second round against him. She intends to reinstall the cleavage between the camp of the “Globalists”, which the president embodies in his eyes, and the camp of the “national”, which she says represent.

But the head of the RN is now competing in his own camp by Eric Zemmour, who claims that there is “no monopoly of the national candidacy”, and by Valérie Pécresse, invested to represent the Republicans (LR ).

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