A third man indicted after broadcast of a video showing a motorist gripping pedestrians

Tour last week in Noisy-le-Sec, the video shows two pedestrians gripped by a motorist. A young woman, who does not appear on the pictures, says to have suffered similar acts.

Le Monde with AFP

They are suspected of having participated in a video published on social networks under the title “Grave of the evening”, on which one sees a person in a car gripping by the arm two pedestrians and rolling until that they fall, under the laughter of the passengers of the car. Three men are now indicted, announced on Saturday, January 15 the bobigny floor.

The third protagonist, passenger rear of the vehicle, had spontaneously presented Thursday at the police station of Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis), where the facts took place on the night from Saturday to Sunday. He had been placed in custody. At the end of the latter, the investigating judge indicated him to the complicity chief of voluntary violence who resulted in an incapacity for work greater than eight days in a meeting, with weapon and with premeditation, announced in a Communiqué Bobigny Attorney, Eric Mathais.

The first two protagonists, the driver and the passenger at the front of the vehicle that filmed the scene, had been placed in custody, indicted and imprisoned earlier in the week.

Amateur video at the origin of a police investigation for “armed violence in meeting weapons” has been the subject of multiple reports of Internet users on Pharos, a platform that signals content and online behaviors Illicit.

Cigarette request

Tour on Saturday to Sunday in Noisy-le-Sec, the video carries two extracts, which each lasts a few seconds.

We first see the first victim, Ali, 64, filmed by one of the passengers. “The authors had asked him for a cigarette. At the moment when he held her to the driver, the latter grabbed him by the arm, held him back and started by accelerating,” said Eric Mathais, the Prosecutor of Seine-Saint-Denis. . We see the man running, down to the ground. He was prescribed forty-five days of ITT, including a fracture of the shoulder and foot.

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