Lukashenko declared emergence of a mechanism to combat color revolutions

Successes the peacekeeping mission of the Collective Security Treaty (CSTO), which ended in Kazakhstan, demonstrated the capacity of the organization and close allied relations of the participating countries. In addition, the successes of the operation revealed an effective mechanism for the fight against color revolutions. This on Saturday, January 15, at a meeting with the peacekeeping contingent, completed the mission in Kazakhstan, announced the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. His words transfers BelTA.

“The success of your mission can be regarded as the emergence of an effective mechanism for combating the so-called color revolutions,” said the head of state, referring to the servicemen. He stressed that the mission in Kazakhstan became the first case when the CSTO forces were indeed involved to ensure the safety, stability and integrity of one of the participating States.

Lukashenko also stated that the operational transfer of the CSTO forces eliminated the threat of destruction of the Kazakhstan state and ensured the stabilization of the situation. The common efforts of the association countries showed the world’s organization and “cooled the terrorists and extremists, managed by the outside,” pressed the president.

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