Most dangerous at Covid-19 gene

Scientists of the Polish Medical University of Bialystok called the gene, the presence of which represents the greatest danger for a person, as it increases the risk of severe COVID-19 more than twice, reports “Medic Forum”. It is noted that it is about eight to ten percent of Russians.

Researchers stressed that it is still unknown why the organisms of people of the same age and health of health react in different ways to coronavirus infection, but they believe that the reason for this lies in human genetics. In their opinion, the genes are the fourth most important factor that affect the severity of the course of coronavirus in the body after age, weight and gender.

Such a gene has about nine percent of Europe inhabitants, and those who live in Africa and India are fortunate much less – the number of its owners there is in the region of 27 percent. According to scientists, the gene, which is discussed, is located in the third chromosome – one of 23 couples in humans. It is assumed that this discovery will help in identifying people with the greatest risk to health and will help protect them from possible threats.

Earlier, director of the NIC epidemiology and microbiology named after Gamalei, Alexander Ginzburg, told the Russians, which drug should be chosen for revaccination. In his opinion, the elderly should use the “satellite V”, and everything else is “Satellite Light”.

/Media reports.