Scientists declared an unexpected way to quickly fall asleep

Scientists from the National University of Seoul called an unexpected way to quickly fall asleep. According to them, wear on the night socks help reduce body temperature, which contributes to comfortable departure to sleep. Reports about it Express.

Specialists noted that socks allow to expand the distal vessels and ensure the tide of blood to the feet, as a result of which the body temperature begins to decline. Researchers invited six men in order to explore their sleep. Each of the tests first slept in socks, then without them.

Experiment participants slept at a temperature of 23 degrees. They fall asleep in socks by 7.5 minutes faster than with barefoot legs, and 7.5 times less often woke up at night. The total sleep time was also 32 minutes longer, and sleep efficiency is 7.6 percent higher.

Scientists came to the conclusion that it is possible to improve sleep quality by impact on the bottom of the feet during the entire time of sleep. However, the Sleep Foundation organization warns that the elderly such a way may not suit. It is also not recommended to wear socks to those who have problems with blood circulation.

Earlier, the chief physician “Inviro-Moscow” Sergey Khomyakov said that regular problems with sleep can cause serious harm to the heart and brain of a person. Medic called a way to defeat insomnia: for this you should go for a walk on fresh air in one hour before sleep, sleep in a complete dark indoor, where the air temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.

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